Oversized Porch Swing Design

Amazing Oversized Porch Swing

Oversized porch swing – Few things turn away from sitting in the shade passing a cool spring evening in a porch swing. For those who have some basic tools and skills to use them. Here are the steps to build your own wooden porch swing. Measure space where you want to install swing. This area will determine how long the porch swing will be.

If the roof over your oversized porch swing has beamed beams, exposed beams or other structural elements with cracks running between them. You may want to make the bench a length that will allow you to center anchors (for hanging swing) between cracks. Build the whole thing just to find out that you can not hang it properly would be enraging.

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You also have to consider how deep the seat or how high your back will be. But this can easily be measured against the seat and back of a similar chair that you feel comfortable in (e.g. a dining chair). The example of oversized porch swing built during these instructions is 20 inch deep in the seat and 18 inch high in the back, which is comfortable for a fairly tall person. But maybe not so comfortable for a person with shorter legs. Select the materials you want to use to build your swing.