New Costco Outdoor Swing Ideas

Amazing Costco Outdoor Swing

Costco outdoor swing – Make the structure of the swing we will need different pine wood slats and to make the seats we will use plywood. We will pay special attention to the fixings that will go on the floor. Since the structure should be well secured and solid. We should not forget that the swing will be used by children.

The structure of the Costco outdoor swing is formed by two lateral pieces joined by a support or crossbar from which the two swings will hang. Once the cutting lines have been marked on the wooden slats, with the help of a false square at 22.5º. We cut the upper angle on the four pieces with the jigsaw. Then, we also make the recess for the crossbars of the side pieces. We make some cuts with the jigsaw. Next, we empty the boxes with a wide chisel and a wooden mallet.

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Costco outdoor swing, to cut the crossbar to the extent we need. We present the side pieces, we put a block in the top union of the pieces so that they take their angulation. And with the jig saw cut the crossbar flush with the legs. To reinforce the joints, we will introduce some screws with washers and nuts so that, previously. We will have to make some recesses in which they will be embedded.