Ideas Contemporary Garden Fence

Beautiful Contemporary Garden Fence

Contemporary garden fence – Installing a fence in the garden or on the terrace is a very practical solution. If we want to protect a space or create an environment different from the rest of the place. Fence will be made up of a fence, which we will make with wood slats. We will tie some poles to the ground, and these in turn to the fence. Thus achieving a solid and fixed structure. To finish, we will place a door, to which we will screw a lock. Thus, we can enter and exit the fence, in a practical and simple way. We begin the work by removing the packaging and removing the pieces of wood. We keep the instruction sheets, which will be of great help to carry out the work.

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Wooden fencing for the contemporary garden fence ideas. We present the ribbons on the table. We also put some separating pieces between batten and ribbon, in the upper and lower part that will help us to leave the same margin between them. These small pieces will allow us to place the crossbars in their position. Now, we present the crossbeams and with the drill and a suitable tip, we fix the pieces with their corresponding screws.

We make the contemporary garden fence following the same procedure. We will also do the door in the same way. As it is a mobile element, we will reinforce the structure by placing a ribbon diagonally. To calculate the cutting angle of the ends, we placed the piece under the door and with a pencil we draw both lines.