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Modern Beautiful Front Porch Photos

Beautiful front porch photos – Plan your new lawn front on paper. First, sketch the existing buildings, walkways, the driveway, mailbox and the trees and flower beds already in place. Note which areas are full-sun, which gets partial-summer and which are shaded. Use your imagination to gently curl beds and sidewalks to soften hard lines around the house and dress up areas, such as the mailbox and sidewalk. Plan to implement your ideas in phases. Perhaps with the aim of adding only a new bed or solid elements depending on each season.

Beautiful front porch photos, dress up the landscaping, including the roads and paths, driveway, a patio or porches, the mailbox and the house itself. Grow a thick green lawn, healthy enough to drown the weeds naturally. Dig or kill the weeds. And then reseed the lawn in the spring and fall of cold season grasses. And only in early spring for warm season grassy varieties.

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Beautiful front porch photos, water newly sown areas for 15 to 30 minutes daily until the grass shoots. And then fall back to water more deeply once a week to encourage deep rooting for a thicker, drought-resistant lawn. Keep the cutting blades sharp and do not cut grass less than 3 inches. Caring for your cutter by changing the oil and air filter as necessary and by unclogging the air passages around the engine.