Best Swing Stand Plans

Backyard Swing Stand Plans

Swing stand plans – Protect your children while playing on a swing in your backyard by installing anchors to the ground. Installing the concrete footers provides a solid anchor that does not move on the ground and prevents the swing from tipping or moving during recreational activities. Add a layer of wood shavings or sand on the floor after anchoring the swings so the anchors are fixed below this smooth surface.

Swing stand plans, dig four holes 12 inches deep and 10 inches wide in which the swing legs rest so you can insert them into the ground. Drill two holes in the bottom of each leg with an inward tilt so the pins create an “X” formation when they place in the holes. Set a hole about 1/2 inch higher than another way that the bolts do not touch each other.

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Insert a 12-inch-long galvanized bolt through each hole, so there are two screws on each leg swing. Secure the screws to the legs by sliding over a washer and screwing a nut into place with a wrench. Adjust the legs in the holes. Set a level in the swing stand plans set to make sure it is level before proceeding. Adjust the depth of the hole to level the set of swings, if necessary.