Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For Circular Driveway

Best Landscaping Ideas For Circular Driveway

Landscaping ideas for circular driveway is an often overlooked part of the landscape architectural process. It’s a shame as your driveway is the first place people see when they come to your home. Well-run driveway landscaping will increase the property value as well as add to the overall aesthetics of your home and land. Choose low maintenance plants when landscaping water studs and in areas that have poor quality soil. In cooler climates, a thick layer of mold will keep you from inhaling water to thirsty plants every week. Hot and dry climate will require watering for plants to perform well.

Using trees, both in the center of the landscaping ideas for circular driveway and on both exterior sides of the drive. Creates an instant balance as well as the addition of privacy. Consider using the same or similar species in all three areas. For example, if you use a queen palm in the central bed. Use two more queen palms on the side beds, or an even in appearance and size like a Christmas palm.

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This allows for a harmonious and balanced look, as you do not want two side trees overwhelming one planted in the center bed. Complete bed by mixing small bushes, ornaments, flowering perennials, and annuals throughout. Always plant your tallest plants towards the center, tapered down to the shortest plants closest to the driveway. Utilize a plant from the center bed in two side beds to create more balance.